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Our Vision

Pax systems was built with our vision for modern and affordable passenger software.

Culture - We are inspiring, innovative, challenging and unrelenting in our pursuit of the new and next. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering a service that is tailored to their needs. 


Our ethos - Safe, Appropriate and Efficient (SAE) transport services.  

  • Safeguarding people through supplier contract management and process 

  • Appropriateness of the service to meet the need of each individual 

  • Efficiency of the services utilising new commercial strategies to deliver on the financial pressures in all local authorities.  

These three principles are at the core of our business and guide all areas of software development. 


Design by User - We utilise our extensive knowledge of delivering and managing transport services on the ground to drive the design and scope of all the product development. 


Superior financial forecasting

Designed for passenger transport in councils

Intuitive and easy to use

Modular system to meet council service and budget

Improved customer care and safeguarding

Track change and demand on the service

Hosted in an accredited UK datacentre

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