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East Lothian Council

Pax supports East Lothian with PaxQR to meet their transport management needs and route planning capability. The introduction of PaxQR has enabled the team to significantly improve their data and processes, enabling information to be readily available and reportable. One important feature we have introduced for East Lothian is ability to import SEEMiS pupil files and highlight any changes in transport needs and where new pupils require transport.

Andrew Mclellan, East Lothian Transport Manager said:

'East Lothian Council ambition is to transform Home to School Transport and deliver a best practice model encompassing reliable, efficient, and inclusive travel experience for children and young people.

We’re really excited to be working with Pax and the interface with QRoutes on the delivery and control of compliance across our school transport using their Transport Management System on our services. It is a key part of our strategy to digitise operations and bring innovation to our processes, helping to create efficiencies which enable us to deliver more value for money, as well as increased visibility and reassurance around safety and safeguarding.


The development work by the Pax team has been excellent in understanding our business process and legislation requirements.'

The Pax team were amazed to see an early success story with East Lothian using PaxQR to produce management information generated from PaxQR, included route maps and customer location data, to help inform the Council’s strategic planning and highlight scenarios to reduce transport cost increase from future growth in housing development.

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