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Cognus Limited manage the SEND and social care transport services for the London Borough of Sutton and introduced PaxCM. The transport information is now structured to support the team manage the service and early feedback
is very positive. Their team are now planning to implement new business processes and efficiency using key features in the system.


Cognus recently decided to upgrade to PaxQR to benefit from the route planning capability from our integration with QRoutes. The two systems working in tandem significantly improves user ability to optimise and ensure ongoing network efficiency every day.  
Helen Cullip, Travel Assistance Manager said: 
'Cognus is improving Assisted Travel in the London Borough of Sutton and deliver modern solution that brings a safe, efficient and reliable service to our service users. 
We have chosen to work with Pax as they have demonstrated a vast knowledge of delivering SEND & Social Care transport services in Local Authorities. 
The work we have undertaken to plan network efficiency for the London Borough of Sutton has been so easy to achieve through PaxQR. In a couple of minutes, we had our first route plans available and were able to set up sessions with other stakeholders to review. The procurement of the new
optimised routes delivered over 20% efficiency and saved over £700,000 on contract costs, significantly improving our forecast expenditure

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